Outdoor/Landscape Photography


My name is Andrew Norelli.  I am a Landscape/Nature photographer from Allentown, PA.  My goals as a photographer is to create images that express my love of nature and the environment.  From standing in awe of natural rock formations on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, to noticing the tonal gradation of light on the leaves of a cabbage, I attempt to create interesting compositions that I feel can duplicate my feelings on a specific scene for the viewer.


2 responses

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Looks like you’ve been getting some amazing images on your trip. Do try to get to Goblin Valley for sunrise or sunset as the formations are really unusual.

    I like your image of the cabbage. I had to look twice as it reminded me of the Wave in Coyote Butte with the striations in the foreground. Nice composition from a simple subject. You are really ‘seeing’ the images now!

    David and Sally’s daughter Jenny is helping me with my SEO for my website and said that I should do a blog on wordpress. Was it easy to set up?

    Have a good trip!

    September 26, 2010 at 8:02 am

    • Why Thank You Tom. I will definitely be making it to Goblin Valley for at least sunset.

      I’m glad you like the cabbages, they are somewhat of a fan favorite. My brother said the same thing about them reminding him of the Wave. I’ve also gotten comments that it reminds them of a Georgia O’Keefe, which is quite a complement I believe.

      I’d say getting a WordPress would be a great idea. It isn’t too difficult to set up, but I would suggest having your website guy take a look at integrating it with you website.

      Thanks Again. Tell David and Sally I say Hi! And if you hear from Eric, tell him I say Hi as well.

      September 26, 2010 at 2:45 pm

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