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Looking Back – Best of ’10

I know this has been my first post since returning from my trip just over two months ago, but thats frankly because I haven’t really touched my camera since then.  Not that I have lost interest, just that I was utterly exhausted from shooting for a month straight.  That coupled with a lack of inspiration I expected coming back from the West to the dreary East.

I figured it was the right time to change up my background on my desktop and the idea came to mind to look back and find my best shots of 2010.  Being my first full year photographing, I thought it’d be nice to look back and see how I had progressed.  I’ve come up with 13 images that were my favorites, trying my hardest not to be biased towards my most recent adventures to the Wild West (It did not help much, but hey I tried).  I’ll keep it in chronological order to help show the progression.

1. Barn Covered in Snow – I like this image because its clean and simple, 30 inches of snow blanketed the area the day before.

Barn Covered in Snow

2. The Old Man of Storr, Isle of Skye, UK – This image was taken on my photo workshop in March, the Isle of Skye has an otherworldly feel to it.  The colors may be a bit exaggerated, but only to add to mystique of the volcanic landscape and its odd formations.

3. Snail on the Bladderwrack – Also on the Skye workshop, a dull overcast day meant macro work on the beach.  Tom Mackie, the workshop instructor and an amazing landscape photographer had mentioned a previous shot he had done similar to this.  I can’t take the credit for the original idea, yet it’s still an interesting image.

4. Loch Alsh – Yet another from my Skye workshop.  Experimenting with finding a landscape within the landscape, I put on my telephoto to find this simple yet deep composition.

5. Springtime at the Rodale Institute – Definitely my most visited place to photograph of the past year, this one is just a clean composition with strong colors and light.

6. Ferns in Black and White – In spring, these ferns begin to blanket the woods around my house. Waking up early one morning I noticed the sun just starting to peak through the woods to create a cool directional lighting effect.

7.  Cabbage-scape – If you have been looking at my work throughout the year, you must have seen I had an affinity for the cabbage for a while.  This was my first cabbage-scape, and still is my favorite.  The Black and White makes it look almost sculpted rather than organic and fragile.

8. Falls – One of only about a thousand images of waterfalls I took this year, still one of my best.  Taken up in the Adirondacks while hiking with my brother.

9. Golden Crown – If you have been following my blog, you would remember this one.  This was one of my favorites of my entire trip to the Southwest.  For more description, refer back to this post … http://wp.me/p11in6-1Z.

10. Mesa Arch, Canyonlands – One of the most photographed locations in the United States today.  To give a sense of how popular it truly is, I woke up at 4:30 AM to get here, got here 40 Minutes before the sunrise, and I was probably the 25th photographer to get there.  This one was taken handheld above my head, the way you see photographers trying to get a shot of celebrities over a crowd.  Just picture 10 photographers with their tripods huddled underneath this image.

11. Balance – This was the image I chose for my background of the over 10,000 images I took throughout the year, which is a testament to how much I really love it.

12. Thors Hammer, Bryce Canyon – This was the first shot I took at Bryce Canyon and yet it is still my favorite.  To think, I would spend another three days and pressing the shutter another 800-900 more times and not finding something I liked more.

13. Blue Wave – To get an idea how far out of the way White Sands National Monument is, I had to drive a full 10-hours to get there from where I had been the day before.  To get another idea of how far out of the way it is, they tested the first ever Atomic Bomb on the north end of the  monument.  This may be a simplistic image that may not do the monument justice to how odd of a landscape it truly is, but I don’t care because I like it.


That about does it for my year.  It may be a bit of an understatement considering how many photographs I took this year, but if you like what you see, you are welcome to go through my catalog on www.andrewnorelliphotography.com. All images are available for purchase, and look especially fantastic printed on Aluminum to let the colors shine.


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