Outdoor/Landscape Photography

Panorama-mania…Panoramania? Or just a few Panoramas?

It’s been over a week since finally returning from my trip and I’ve been editing non-stop.  It’s a task that I knew I could not take lightly, but I’m not sure I was ready for it either.  Trying to cram in a whole months worth of experiences into a small body of work is task in itself.  Then you have to deal with actually editing them (cloning out dust marks, which is a pain in the A$$), resizing them, color profiling them so they look the same on everyone’s computer screens, and then finally uploading them.  And thats just for my original shots…not including the panoramas that I would have to edit all to match colors and contrast, then have to stitch them, crop them, resize them and all the stuff I had to do with the single images.  Needless to say I am nowhere near finished with all the editing and organizing, but I feel I have made some headway and I’d like to share some of the Panorama’s and hidden favorites that I couldn’t make come to life on my laptop screen.

Inspiration Point

Utah Valley

Zion Canyon

Green River Canyon

Monument Valley Sunset

Rocky Mountain Moonset

Shadows and Clouds

Navajo Arch

Last Dollar Road and the San Juans


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