Outdoor/Landscape Photography

Bryce Canyon – Sunrise #2

Heading out this morning I really did not have much of a plan as to what I wanted to capture, only that I was going back to Sunset Point to see what else I could find.  The one shot that I did want to get was that of the Silent City, which because of its eastward facing walls would start to glow before sunrise.  I ended up getting that shot well before sunrise because there were no clouds in the sky, it’s amazing how bright it gets even before the sun hits it.  I cannot show you the results because I shot it as a panorama, and as many of the panoramas I have taken on this trip, to stitch them together on this laptop would most likely result in a fried computer, so those will have to wait til I get home.

(On a side note, I can not fathom how much time it will take me to edit through all these images back on my home computer, but I am not looking forward to it.)

But back to this morning.  Once again the temperature was a tad above Absolute Zero, or at least thats what it felt like.  After I got that first panorama I headed down into the canyon to hit up my favorite spot of the canyon so far, Thor’s Hammer.  It has been the subject of a lot of my shots so far at Bryce, which you probably have seen.  Maybe it’s because it’s so close to the overlook, or maybe because it can command such attention as a main subject.  Either way, I shot another angle this morning just before the sun met the horizon so you get that glow just on above the horizon.  My only gripe with the shot is that I did not fully isolate the head of the Hammer from the rocks behind it, it would’ve looked better if it had been set fully against the Pines in the background, but I think thats just nit-picking.

Thor's Hammer

The second shot, and my favorite of the two was taken on the way back out of the canyon.  Just as the sun had peaked over I was struggling to find a suitable viewpoint.  I knew that since my filters were all scratched up and dirty, any shot taken directly into the sun would result it far-below my standard of image quality.  So just as I was heading up I saw this little Pine tree perched off the trail, glistening in the still golden sun.  I decided I would backlight the tree to make it really glow, thus providing the shielding of the sun that I needed.  Of course I had to add Thor’s Hammer into the frame just because…but also it had this distinct glow about it because of the light reflecting off the red sandstone behind it that just made it look like it was on fire.  I think it ended up being a pretty successful shot, what do you think?

The Tree of Light

Anyways, that was it for the morning.  Nothing else that really struck a chord with me, but tomorrow I will find a different viewpoint to shoot the sunrise over the hoodoos.  As for the rest of the day, I will head out on a long hike to see if I can find something else to photograph.


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