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Bryce Canyon – Hail and Hoodoos

So I have finally made it to Bryce Canyon…the park I have been most excited about photographing.  While the other parks that I have been to so far have been extraordinary in their own ways, Bryce has been the one that I really have been looking forward too.  There are infinite photographic possibilities, both to get the whole scene above the canyon rim, or even through abstraction amongst the hoodoo formations.

I took a bit of a hike below the canyon around noon to get a different glimpse from the canyon floor.  To walk amongst the hoodoos is an otherworldly experience.  You really have to think about the forces it takes to create such formations.   After about an hour I decided to head back out and just as I arrived back at the rim, after endless switchbacks, a tremendous hail storm began and I rushed back to the car.  The storm was short lived and after only a few minutes I was back out photographing the canyon from the rim again.  That made for an interesting contrast of the dark blue storm clouds and the bright reds of the hoodoos.

Hoodoo Storm Clouds

I really won’t experience the true feeling of Bryce Canyon until sunrise tomorrow morning.  I am hoping to be the first one to Sunset Point tomorrow morning(I know, I said Sunset…it’s the best place for sunrise too).  Until then, here are the rest of my good shots from today.

Bryce Point

Thor's Hammer


Hoodoo Abstract 2


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