Outdoor/Landscape Photography

Moab – Goblin Valley – Capitol Reef

Sunrise at Arches

It’s been a few days since my last post, but it was not for a lack of subject matter.  I have been shooting quite a bit.  After one last morning in Moab, I headed towards Capitol Reef National Park, but on the way I had to make a pit stop at Goblin Valley State Park.  It had been mentioned to visit this park by Tom Mackie, a landscape photographer whom I have taken a workshop with before and has been quite the inspiration for me.  Goblin Valley State Park is a small but unique park, with eroded sandstone figures that at the time of its discovery resembled goblins.  It was quite the extraordinary experience to walk amongst these figures, some being 15 feet tall and larger.  To get an idea of what I’m talking about, here are a few of my shots of the goblins.

Goblin Valley Sunset

Goblin Sunset

Goblins at Sunset

Goblins Sunset

Afterwards I headed to Capitol Reef where I am based until Monday morning.  Today was spent checking out a few of the sites in this interesting and little known national park.  It’s main attraction is the Waterpocket fold, a strange geological formation that runs the length of the park.  I spent a few hours hiking some of the trails, as well as taking the drive down into the parks center to Capitol Gorge.  On the way down through to the gorge I was stopped by a few cars on the road looking up the cliff side and sure enough there was a family of mountain goats perched along the rock wall.  Being my first successful wildlife photographs on the trip, here it is.

Mountain Goat

The gorge itself was stunning, with rock walls on both sides soaring up hundreds of feet.  The colors that radiated out of the rocks was quite a sight.  I’m not sure that my photographs could really convey the sheer size of these rock walls, but here are a few of my shots from today.  I hope you enjoy them.

Capitol Sunset

Pioneer Register in Capitol Gorge

Fruita Orchards

Capitol Reef

Storm Clouds Coming


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