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Mesa Arch – Canyonlands

Woke up early today to head up to Mesa Arch, hoping to get there before the crowd of photographers took all the best spots.  I really thought I made it because I didn’t see a car the entire ride up to the trailhead, but as I turned into the parking lot…it was FULL.  I walked the half mile trail to get to the arch and sure enough there were about 20 photogs there already.  I probably should have known, but I wasn’t willing to wake up any earlier and I ended up getting some good shots anyways (by actually raising my camera up above the crowd…paparazzi style).

If you haven’t heard of or seen Mesa Arch before, it is mecca for landscape photographers.  At sunrise the bright sun reflects off the sandstone cliff below to cause the Arch above to glow red.  The arch itself is also used to frame the La Sal mountains on the horizon.  With this being such a popular spot, I was really hoping to find a unique viewpoint to shoot from.  Of course, this arch has been shot millions of times so I doubt there is a really unique way to capture it, but I did my best to find something different.  Because there were so many photogs covering the main part of the arch,  my only option was to shoot from the left of the arch.  Once the sun finally rose, I started to try out different angles and isolating certain parts of the arch.  As much as I don’t like getting the cookie cutter shot that every other photographer was looking for, I have to admit it is one hell of a site to see.

Mesa Arch Sunrise

Mesa Arch

Mesa Arch


One response

  1. Michel Montaigne

    Nice shots! I was there a few days ago and got some pretty good shots, but I need to get a better camera.
    I did manage to NAIL F.K. later that afternoon though 🙂

    July 7, 2012 at 8:44 pm

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