Outdoor/Landscape Photography

Arches National Park

So I finally made it to Utah.  I am going to be based in Moab for the next few days, which is centrally located around Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.  As I was driving into Moab I decided I’d head into Arches for the day to check everything out.  At first glance, you begin to wonder “Where are all the arches at?”  Driving through the beginning area of the park, all you see are these sandstone spires and walls hundreds of feet tall.  It’s not until you get further into the park that you start to see arches tucked away.  I was really surprised by that considering they claim to have 2,000 officially listed arches in the park.   Heres a few formations that I found interesting.

I headed out on the park’s main road to see what I could find and figure out what makes the park unique.  My first stop was to Skyline Arch.  This being my first time out of the car since heading into Red Rock country, it started to hit me that I was in the desert.  After spending a few days in the somewhat chilly Rockies, it hit me like a ton of bricks how hot it was.  So I headed out to see Skyline Arch and here is what I found.

After taking a few walks on the trails to see some of the arches, I decided that for my sunset shoot, I’d go to the quintessential arch in the park…Delicate Arch.  I’m sure you have all seen this arch before, it is definitely the most recognizable, and even graces the Utah state license plate.  It was a grueling 1.5 miles straight up slickrock to get to the arch, which is very popular by the way…there were about 50 people up there with me waiting for the sun to set and cast a orange-red glow upon the rocks with the La Sal mountains behind it.  It was tough getting the right moment when there were no tourists in my shot but I did a pretty good job…see if you can find the ones that I couldn’t get rid of.

I think it was a pretty successful shot, and well worth the trek up.  Tomorrow I am planning on heading out early to catch Dead Horse Point at sunrise, or maybe the other must-have shot…Mesa Arch sunrise in Canyonlands.  We’ll see how I feel at  6 AM.


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