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Rocky Mountain National Park – Day Three

Well today started off early again, with me going back to Bear Lake where I had gone yesterday late morning.  I wanted to see what the lake would look like at first light and see if I could improve on my compositions from the previous day.  As I remembered yesterday, there were about 40-50 photogs there lined up around the edges of the lake, and today was no different.  I actually was lucky enough to get close to the same spot I was yesterday and got some relatively similar compositions at different light.  Here is a comparison from today and yesterday…

Bear Lake Day One

Bear Lake Day Two

Here are a few other ones from this morning.

After heading back for breakfast, I started to feel like a train blindsided me and needed to take the day to rest up.  Maybe it was altitude, maybe it was me not eating enough, but after a while I started to feel better.  I started researching where to head for later in the day.  I had remembered a couple yesterday morning talking about Dream Lake so I looked into it.  I saw images of it online that were stunning so I had to check it out.  Of course being sunset, the lighting was completely wrong but I went anyways to scout it out so I can head up early tomorrow and see if I can make some magic happen.  It was a little over a mile uphill to get to the lake and when you finally get there you are stunned to see this beautiful alpine lake with a massive treeless mountain top across the lake.  It is the same mountain you see in my Bear Lake photos.  So after seeing what the spot had to offer I took some test shots to check the composition.  Nothing special but I did manage to make these two shots of the gnarled trees that lined the edge of the lake.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get some great shots at Dream Lake at sunrise.  It will be my last shots at Rocky Mountain National Park.  Next stop Grand Junction, Colorado for a night to check out Colorado National Monument then to Moab for Arches and Canyonlands.


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