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Rocky Mountain National Park Day One

As I woke up at six AM this morning, I had many thoughts running through my head, one of them being do I really want to get up right now?  So I did, and was rewarded for the task.  As I took the twilight drive up into the park to look for a suitable spot to start shooting, I realized “Damnit I forgot my telephoto!  Hopefully I won’t need it.”  Well, after getting some great sunrise shots and some from the early morning golden light, I took a walk down one of the many nature trails in the park, and what do you know…One lone Elk Buck sitting out in the middle of a field covered in golden light.  Needless to say it would’ve been a magnificent shot if I had brought the proper equipment.  I was not too upset by the fact, considering while only being in the park for little more than an hour I had seen about 40-50 Elk and realized there would be plenty opportunities to create some great shots, but that one I saw will be a hard one to duplicate.

After heading back to the motel for breakfast and to go get my stinkin telephoto, I headed back to the same trail to see if I could find some more Elk around, no luck.  Although I did go for a nice 7 mile round trip hike up to Cub Lake, which ended up being a nice morning exercise, with a few photo opps.  If it wasn’t for the harsh mid-day light, there probably would’ve been some great opportunities.

After taking a mid-day break for lunch and a nap, I set out for sunset up to the Trail Ridge Road.  Being the highest continually paved road at 11,000+ feet, it was a tedious ride up (especially for me being afraid of even the smallest roller coasters).  But the trip was definitely worth it.  The clouds formed an amazing sunset vista panorama over the Rockies and if I weren’t on my laptop I’d show you the results, but this one will definitely be on my living room wall when I get home.  Heres a few shots from the second half of yesterday.

Hope you enjoy them.


One response

  1. Boots

    Nice. Givin the living room a shoutout too

    September 25, 2010 at 3:50 pm

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