Outdoor/Landscape Photography

Day Two-RMNP

Arising at Six AM once again,  I set out for the same spot I captured the morning before.  After arriving, I decided that since I was a bit early I would look for another spot and boy did I find one.  Setting up next to this little creek with the mountains set in the background was the perfect composition that I lacked the day before.  While the moonset yesterday was fantastic, it lacked the depth that a great composition has.  With the creek guiding you through to the alpenglow mountains in the background, this shot provides the depth I was looking for.

After taking a few different shots at different spots to check composition I drove further up the road to Bear Lake, which is an alpine lake with great opportunities for fantastic compositions with the mountains in the background.  Bear Lake is also no state secret, as I pulled up I must have seen 50 photographers strewn about the edges of the lake, looking to create unique images.  I did my best to find something that wasn’t too generic, but we’ll see what you think.


One response

  1. Boots

    That 2nd image is sweet. I want to put it on the side of my car to replace the word BOOTS that currently occupies it

    September 26, 2010 at 8:07 pm

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