Outdoor/Landscape Photography

Day Two…on step closer.

Today consisted of a few more nondescript landscapes, that off Illinois, Missouri and Kansas.  I just got into Topeka, Kansas to end the second long day of driving for my trip.  Started off heading to St. Louis through lots of flat terrain in southern Illinois.  Once I got to St. Louis it started to rain, but I made it a point to stop anyways to check out the Gateway Arch, as everyone should do because it is such a distinct architectural form.  Created by famous Architect Eero Saarinen, the Gateway Arch suggests the “Gateway to the West.”  Marking the beginning of the Lewis and Clark expedition, for much of the early years of the United States, St. Louis was considered “the West.”  Thus this signifies my beginning of my journey into the “West” as Lewis and Clark knew it.  I stopped to take a few shots of the Arch and its distinctive curves, since the lighting was less than desirable I decided to make a few Abstracts of the arch against the sky.  What do you think?

They kind of remind me of a road, something almost futuristic.

Anyways, beyond St. Louis…I headed straight through Missouri to Kansas City.  Got some authentic KC BBQ at B-Bs Lawnside BBQ.  Needless to say, it was amaaaaaaazing.  While I only went for a small Beef Brisket, I would’ve killed to stay later for a big dinner and listening to some Blues, but I got into KC around 3PM and that might have been just a bit early.  Oh well, maybe on the way back home I can stay for the night, it was definitely worth a second trip.

So here I am in Topeka, KS, a relatively short day of driving (Only 8 Hours.)  But I was not prepared to take on the rolling prairies of Western Kansas through the pitch black of night.  Tomorrow is a new day, finally getting to Colorado and the beginning of my photographic journey of the National Parks.  I honestly can’t wait to see something other than the flat midwest, while it does have its redeeming qualities, its getting me kind of stir crazy.


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